Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back to School Bash: A guest post by Emerson Student Event Correspondent, Stancie Holder

It's quite a treat to welcome this guest post from an Emerson Student Event Correspondent who covered the 3rd annual Back to School Bash.

Emerson Back to School Bash
By: Stancie Holder
Emerson’s PTA held a back to school bash on September 21. They did it to celebrate the start of school and so you could look at cool stuff, play games with friends and family, eat yummy burgers and ice cream, and watch a movie. 

It was hot, but that didn’t ruin the night. Everyone set up chairs and blankets and relaxed. They were playing games and some of the most popular ones were the three legged races and the chewing gum contest. 

Molly Manlow, second grader, in room 24, said,” I loved it because of the movie and I saw all of my friends.” 

Kathryn, third grader, in room 15, said,” I liked it, it was fun.” 

Chris, second grader, in room 25, said,” I liked the chewing gum contest" 

What a great event to kickoff the school year! 

Stancie is a 5th grader at Emerson Parkside Academy Charter School and a girl scout. She wants to be an actress when she grows up, loves Project Runway, long walks on the beach and tropical sunsets. She is the first Emerson Student Event Correspondent.

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