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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back to School Bash: A guest post by Emerson Student Event Correspondent, Stancie Holder

It's quite a treat to welcome this guest post from an Emerson Student Event Correspondent who covered the 3rd annual Back to School Bash.

Emerson Back to School Bash
By: Stancie Holder
Emerson’s PTA held a back to school bash on September 21. They did it to celebrate the start of school and so you could look at cool stuff, play games with friends and family, eat yummy burgers and ice cream, and watch a movie. 

It was hot, but that didn’t ruin the night. Everyone set up chairs and blankets and relaxed. They were playing games and some of the most popular ones were the three legged races and the chewing gum contest. 

Molly Manlow, second grader, in room 24, said,” I loved it because of the movie and I saw all of my friends.” 

Kathryn, third grader, in room 15, said,” I liked it, it was fun.” 

Chris, second grader, in room 25, said,” I liked the chewing gum contest" 

What a great event to kickoff the school year! 

Stancie is a 5th grader at Emerson Parkside Academy Charter School and a girl scout. She wants to be an actress when she grows up, loves Project Runway, long walks on the beach and tropical sunsets. She is the first Emerson Student Event Correspondent.

M.E. Project September 14, 2012: Free to Be Me Drum Circle

Your Emerson PTA presents the M.E. Project. 
M.E. stands for Mind Exercise. The M.E. Project is designed to promote music, art, dance, science and fitness as part of a well rounded educational experience at Emerson! 

Free events are held monthly with different themes. Student participants receive a "passport" and collect Mine Exercise stickers and signatures as they attend each event. Once they have accrued 5 stickers (and attended 5 different events) they will have an opportunity to win a new bicycle at the end of the year!

Our first event was a drum circle. Students experienced music, rhythm, movement, and were encouraged to BE FREE! What a success as we had almost 250 participants even though the day was sweltering hot, beating on drums in the shade proved to be an awesome experience and sight on a Friday afternoon.

Various craft projects are also made available at each M.E. Project!

 Future M.E. Project events will be held on the 2nd Friday of each month.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Association Meeting 09/11/12

Were you totally overwhelmed at this jam packed back to school week? Were you stuck at soccer practice? Did you not realize that there was a PTA meeting tonight and are so bummed that you missed it? 
It's cool. I gotcha ;)

(warning: it was a long one. to attend, to type, to read... brace yourselves! lol)

Meeting called to order by president Paula Nathan at 6:09pm. 

Slide show of various Emerson events by Kryssie Booth. (it was rad. i'm biased. cuz it's me. side note: didn't realize the word d*mn is in the song I'm Yours [even though i sing it all the time] until I put it in my slideshow at a PTA meeting. sorry.)

Pledge of allegiance. Moment of silence remembering September 11, 2001.

Guest speaker, Kendra of the Jazz Angels,  a non profit music organization. Jazz angels have been invited back to Emerson to provide a fee based music program for Emerson students. There are two choirs, brass, string, and woodwind instruments. Sign up sheets will go out.  Jazz Angels offer choir and instrument instruction to students in grades 3-5. Music is also extended to grades K-2 for choir. Each session is 8 weeks and included 8 rehearsals and 2 performances (one for peers and one for parents). The Jazz Angels are hoping to have 3 separate sessions. 
Rehearsals are held either in the morning or afternoon, outside of school time and typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Costs are still being figured out but will stand somewhere between $65-$75 for choir and $95-$115 for instrumental instruction. The Jazz Angels do have limited grants available, there is an application process and decisions regarding recipients will be made by the Jazz Angels Board of Directors. 

Treasurer, Mrs. Jeanna Luzzi, presented the 2012-2013 budget to the association line by line. (See Attached)

Jeanna Luzzi moved to approve the Emerson PTA 2012-2013 budget. Cynthia Antonette seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Mrs. Maggie Kerns moved to approve the Emerson PTA programs for the 2012-2013 school year as outlined in the budget. Tamara Burke seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Former Auditor, Mrs. Michelle Worden, completed the last audit for her term. Treasurer, Mrs. Jeanna Luzzi presented the audit to the association. The audit was for March 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012. It was reviewed and no discrepancies were found.

Roberto Curiel moved to approve the audit. Pam Harmon seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Mrs. Tamara Burke, Financial Secretary, presented the deposits for June , July, and August ($0). See attached. The report will be filed with the treasurer.

President’s report.
Welcome to the new members. An outline of the organization is given. PTA is not a fundraising organization, rather it is an advocacy organization that advocates for children’s rights at every level. Important programs have been instituted throughout education’s history thanks to the PTA. We try to increase numbers to act as a collective whole, it gives us a powerful voice when it comes to our advocacy efforts. At the unit level, we provide and support programs that benefit children and help to provide a well rounded educational experience.
5th grade speakers from last year’s promoting class fondly recalled program after program that was offered and or supported by the PTA. Moved by that, we are trying to add more activities and community building events. The PTA has specific rules and guidelines at the unit, council, district, state, and national levels that must be observed in order to maintain our charitable trust status. It is unable to directly pay teacher or staff salaries like a foundation can. Emerson PTA will continue to work with and support the efforts of Emerson Foundation to provide the best educational experience possible for our children.
Nominations were made to fill vacant board positions after the election process concluded last year. They included: Kelle Erwin for VP of Fundraising, Paula Barrow for VP of Membership, Yvonne Santos for Corresponding Secretary, Felice Sparks for Parliamentarian, and Peggy Walker for Hospitality.

Jeanna Luzzi moved to ratify the nominations. Erin Moland seconded the motion. The motion carries.

Introductions of the PTA Board followed:
President, Mrs. Paula Nathan. Mother to 5th grader that has attended special day classes at Emerson since Kindergarten. This is her last year at Emerson.
Executive Vice President, Mrs. Cynthia Antonette. 2nd grader and a daughter that graduated from Emerson last year and has started middle school. Was the former treasurer for two years.
VP of Fundraising, Mrs. Kelle Erwin. Has a 3rd grader and a 10th grader at St. John Bosco.
VP of Activities, Mrs. Stacie Cardena. Has two girls at Emerson
VP Teacher Liaison, Mrs. Pam Harmon. Has a 1st grader and a 9th grader at Milikan.
Treasurer, Mrs. Jeanna Luzzi. New to Emerson, kindergartener in Mrs. Sees class.
Financial Secretary, Mrs. Tamara Burke. Has 1st grader at Emerson, a just graduated from Emerson son who is in middle school and a 3 year old who will attend Emerson in the future. Total expected years at Emerson = 14!
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Kryssie Booth. 2nd grader in Ms. Norko’s class. 
Parliamentarian, Ms. Felice Sparks, was not present at the meeting but has a 2nd grader at Emerson.
Hospitality, Mrs. Peggy Walker. 5th grader and 8th grader
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Yvonne Santos, has a 3rd grader.
Auditor, Mr. Rene Justin, was not present at the meeting but has a 2nd grader at Emerson.

Membership Report
VP of Membership, Mrs. Paula Barrow and Membership Chair, Mrs. Erin Moland have tallied more than 340 memberships already. Past membership expires in October, please renew. Emerson was one of 3 schools in the council to receive a 100% membership award last year. Membership does not require attendance, it is a show of support for the things that the PTA organization advocates for and provide to the students at our school. For membership questions, please email

Teacher Liaison, Mrs. Pam Harmon reported that a luncheon for teachers and staff was provided from Portos (yum) on the Tuesday before school started to welcome them back and thank them for all the hard work that they do!

VP of Activities, Mrs. Stacie Cardena and President, Mrs. Paula Nathan outlined the new ME Project. ME stands for Mind Exercise. It is a free of charge program for Emerson students to promote mind exercise through art, science, music and fitness. Monthly activities will take place after school on the 2nd friday of each month after school at Emerson. After attending the event, students will receive a ME Project sticker and a “passport”. When they have collected at least 5 stickers, having participated in 5 events, they may turn in their passport and be entered to win a bicycle at the end of the year.
The ME projects will be as follows:
09/14 Drum Circle
10/12 Hip Hop Dancing
11/09 Aquarium on wheels
12/14 Chalk murals and chalk artists
01/11 Mad Scientist science experiments
02/08 Sculpting with different mediums (marshmallows, play dough, etc.)
03/08 Two parts. Week 1 ceramic creating. Week 2 painting projects after they have been fired
04/12 Animal Encounter
05/10 Mobile Planetarium

Principals Report
Mrs Kerns would like volunteers to attend and report on various district forums and committees. It is a great opportunity to get involved and will give a grander picture on the situation we find ourselves in at the school and district level. For each committee/forum there are approximately 6 meetings a year and they typically last an hour and most are held at the Board Building. Please contact Mrs. Kerns if you are interested in becoming involved this way, your time is truly appreciated.
This Wednesday’s packet will include the first of “Waldo’s Words” and principal to parent communication letter that will come home at least once a month that talks about the goings on of the school. This week’s Waldo’s Words will have the new bell schedule on the back.
Back to School night is this Thursday, 09/13. It is a chance for parents to meet their children’s teacher. You are encouraged to attend this event without your child, they will get the opportunity to show you what they have worked on at Open House in the Spring. 
Traffic safety is an issue. Due to our increase in enrollment (approximately 720 students), please allow extra time to find parking and walking children to the school. Please DO NOT drop children off in the center of the street. If you would like to drop off, utilize the coned off valet area in front of the school on Josie Ave. We will look into having volunteers help to streamline the valet process and will also look into potentially setting up an additional valet on the small, one way, inner section of Willow.
We have a new secretary in the office. She has been working very hard to bring the website/calendar/roster up to date, the office appreciates the patience of parents as they continue their efforts.
The grassy area will only be available for lunch picnics on Fridays. Blankets or sheets should be sent with your student if they would like to picnic on the grass. The cafeteria is also now open for students to have their lunches there.
The staff parking lot should be reserved for staff during school hours.

Committee Reports
Back to school bash will be Friday, 09/21 from 4pm-9pm (or at the conclusion of the movie). There will be booths by Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, the Emerson Market, and the Bee Authentic Fundraiser. The featured movie, “The Lorax” will begin approximately at 7:15, around sunset. Bring blankets and chairs to enjoy the movie on the grass with your old and new Emerson Friends. Please be mindful of picking up the trash around you.
Reflections Art Program has begun. It is a national program sponsored by the PTA. Entries in any of the following categories will be accepted by October 19, 2012: Film Production, Visual Art, Photography, Literature, Dance Choreography and Music Composition. The 2012 Reflections theme is “The Magic of a Moment”.
Family dinner nights will begin with Panda Express on September 26, 2012. The fundraiser will run from 10am-10pm. Please refer to the flyer that was sent home in your Back to School Packet.
Tuesday Recycling started today, 09/11. Our first day we made over $100. Volunteers are ALWAYS needed. It is not a glamourous job but Emerson raised $1500 last year doing something good for the environment. We collect #1 plastic bottles (please rinse and remove caps), aluminum cans, and foil juice pouches. Consider gathering the aluminum cans and plastic bottles at your weekend sporting events.
Fresh and Easy Shop for Schools program kicks off tomorrow 09/12 and will run though 12/31. Receipt totals need to exceed $20 after discounts and coupons. Receipts can be turned in and Emerson will receive $1 for every increment of $20 on a single receipt.
School Cents at the Center Malls (Stonewood Center Mall in Downey, Lakewood Center Mall and Los Cerritos Center) begins Saturday 09/15. Turn in original receipts (they can be returned to you if you choose) from any of the stores on the mall property (including Costco, Costco gas and all establishments on “Restaurant Row”, the stores on Candlewood between Clark and Lakewood) and Emerson will receive points. 100 local schools participate in the program that ends on May 15, 2013. Based on the amount of points we collect, we will receive a portion of $50,000. Last year we were 8th out of 100 and received $954. Please visit and sign up to receive communication from the program (less than 1 email per month) and Emerson will receive 1,000 points for each email signed up.

The Book Exchange cart will begin on Friday, 09/14 after school. Brina a book and get a book. 

No new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:49pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 
6:00pm in the Auditorium.

Oh my goodness... that was a crazy long meeting. Come next time, it won't be this long! ;)

and if there are typos, my bad. lemme know and I'll edit. It's late.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Eagles!

School has officially started. How about that wacky humid rain right?

When the kiddos got home today did you grill them?

How was your day?
Did you know many of the kids in your class?
Did you make new friends?
Was your teacher awesome?
Did you eat all of your lunch?
Were you kind and a good example to your classmates?
What did you do at recess?
Have you decided on what you are going to major in when you get to college?

you know... the usuals ;)

After that, you set down to the explosion of papers waiting in your child's backpack and wasn't it AWESOME to see just that one big brown envelope?

We've got your back! In an attempt to streamline the back to school craziness, Emerson PTA assembled the rad back to school packet. Everything in one spot. Make sure you fill out your paperwork and send it back with your child as soon as possible!

Put your PTA calendar somewhere accessible. Not only does it list all the events for the year, you've got plenty of important numbers on there too!

Our PTA website has gotten a LOVELY makeover! 

Follow our blog, I do my best to keep it up to date. Even when my hand is cramping from all those emergency cards

See you at school!
Kryssie B

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Association Meeting 06/12/12

The last association meeting of the year was well attended!

Members from the Emerson Student Council led the association in the pledge of allegiance.

Awesome slideshow :)

Secretary Mrs. Michelle Arslan, presented last months minutes to be review by a committee of three. (Last month, honorary service awards were presented... sorry no post, busy gal drops a ball on occasion)

President, Mrs. Paula Nathan, thanked the outgoing board members for their service during the President's report. The incoming board members were announced as well.

Two board positions are open, VP of fundraising and corresponding secretary. Please contact if you are interested!!

A few points about the PTA as an organization were reviewed.

"The mission of the California State PTA is to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members, and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership and communications."

PTA is and organization that advocates for children and fundraising is not the primary goal. We are a registered Non Profit 501C3. PTA units are now required to become registered charitable trusts and required to file an RRF-1 form annually. The Bylaws are revisited and reviewed every 3 years. Emerson PTA filed bylaw changes this year that were reviewed and approved by the state parliamentarian. Emerson PTA is a unit that is part of the Long Beach Council that is part of the 33rd district that is part of the California State PTA that is part of the national PTA. 
PTA members and leaders are required and encouraged to attend training. PTA may donate to other charitable organizations. 

Your PTA, your time and your membership, positively impacted Emerson children with these awesome things this year (to name a few):
Back to School Packets, RIF (reading is fundamental, where your student chooses a book to keep), ELMOS for every classroom, recycling, beautification, box tops, back to school bash, silent auction, kindergarten tea, and Reading at Home...
Go You!

This upcoming school year, PTA will be supporting the Our Children, Our Future initiative. Please read more about that here. You may search our school in particular and see that if the initiative in November passes, Emerson will receive approx $525,000.00

Membership expires each year in October. Membership is open to everyone, parents, teachers, students and members of the community. Education is a shared responsibility, please consider renewing your membership.

Secretary, Mrs. Michelle Arslan read a motion proposed by the PTA board. "The PTA moves to donate $15,000.00 to the Emerson Foundation" The motion carried. (yay!!) A (fake) check was presented to Emerson Students.

Treasurer, Mrs. Cynthia Antonette presented the treasurers report. She moved to ratify checks #3178-3209. Kryssie Booth seconded the motion, it carried.
Mrs. Antonette moved to approve a preliminary budget for summer, Executive VP Mrs. Peggy Walker seconded the motion, it carried.

Financial Secretary, Mrs. Bridgette Jones presented the Financial Report listing the deposits that were made for the month of May.

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. CJ Holder presented in VP of Membership, Mrs. Kris Williamson's absence... School Cents brought us $954!! We were 8th place of all participating schools. Thank you for your participation! 
When you sign up for your PTA membership, you are entered into an opportunity drawing held at the end of the year. Congratulations to Mr. Tony Sees for winning a $50 American Express gift card!

Carnival Report: After expenses, we cleared about $12,500.00! Wow. The position of Carnival Chair for next year is open.

Helene Ansel, from the office of State Senator Alan Lowenthal visited our association meeting to bring the Senator's congratulations to students, parents, educators and administrators on their hard work in earning the Distinguished School Award. A California state resolution was presented to Emerson.

Mrs. Maggie Kerns gave the principals report. She thanked PTA for an amazing year and gave thanks to so many who have been supporting the Emerson Foundation. Kudos were given to Jen White and Michelle Worden for heading the Emerson Foundation and to the wonderful supporters. Waldo's words had been written and already the news was old. In the last 3 weeks, at the time of this report, we have raised $45,000.00. Mrs. Kerns stated that if we can make it to $60,000.00 we would be able to save our science and PE programs and our block schedule. The $15,000.00 donation has helped us reach that mark!!

We will continue to raise the additional money as we will need to supply many things to our increasing school population like text books, chairs and desks, and many other necessities. Mrs. Kerns added that School Site Council and a Board of Directors will govern the funds from the foundation. She addressed concerns that had been raised regarding the recent Kinder play area construction and tree root maintenance. The tree roots were to be shaved down and the asphalt replaced. At the request of our school, grass will be put down instead. This is at not cost to us. 6-7 years ago, a fund was started to raise money for a soccer field. To reach that goal, approximately $300,000.00 was needed. It raised $28,000.00. As the money had been allotted to a Student Recreation fund, we were limited in the ways we were allowed to spend it. Extending the kinder playground is appropriate usage of said funds and will be largely necessary and welcome as we increase our kinder population by an additional 1.5 classes next year.

Classroom assignments will be handed out differently this year due to Student Right to Privacy. On a specific date, you will be able to pick up your child's class assignment in a confidential envelope.

We will continue to have full GATE and PALS classes as well as combo classes at every grade level. 

Student council members that were present, were thanked again for their service. 4th graders received certificates for their hard work and 5th graders will be presented with theirs at their promotional ceremony.

Mrs. Jen White and Mrs. Michelle Worden, representatives from the Emerson Foundation presented their report.  The foundation will be run under the School Site Council. A Foundation chair will sit on the committee. We can continue to fundraise throughout the year. The foundation is in need of a treasurer, secretary, an Emerson Store chair, an Art Auction chair, a banner real estate chair among other positions. We have 4 small businesses already committed to the banner program. We have a webmaster in place to help build a website where information regarding the foundation will be largely available and accessible. We are hoping to have the website live by September. We welcome volunteers, there are many jobs to be done and a job for all who are willing. Please contact and many thanks to those who have already given in any way they have given.

The Foundation thanked the PTA as the largest benefactor to date. Mrs. Michelle Worden explained the process of receiving the donations... Checks are made to the LBEF (Long Beach Education Foundation) for Emerson Parkside Academy. When they are turned in to the office, they are logged into a spread sheet. The checks are then walked into the LBEF office where they are logged, checked and cross referenced with the logs at the school site. As they are logged, a thank you letter is printed and held with the check until it is deposited. When LBEF deposits the monies, the thank you letters are then sent to the donors. The money we have collected thus far is specifically earmarked for PE and Science programs.

Fundraising efforts will continue. Pastry sales are still taking place in front of the school in the morning and have helped to raise $500.00. There will be a "Gold Party" in front of the auditorium on Wednesday 06/13 at 8:30am where you can bring your old unwanted jewelry. Emerson will receive 10% of the amount paid to you and you may chose to keep or donate your payment. Amy Word, a Cabi representative will be donating a portion of clothing sales from a 06/16 event. We will have an opportunity to celebrate Emerson and mingle with friends and neighbors at the Emerson Stroll that will take place from 6:30pm-9:00pm on June 30th. Six host houses in the plaza neighborhood will host snacks, drinks and cocktails. Maps will be provided and participants will "Stroll" from house to house. All proceeds from the $25 wristbands will go to the Foundation.

Questions may be directed to

No unfinished business announced. 

Under new business, questions regarding the $21,000.00 PTA technology donation were raised. Previously, at the unanimous recommendation of technology committee, which is made up of parents, teachers and administrators, PTA was going to fund the purchase of 30-31 PC computers. Much has happened and continues to happen with regard to district and state guidelines for computers in the school and compliance with national "Common Core Standard". Unsure of the specifics, it has been said that beginning in the spring of 2015, standardized testing will be computerized. Rumors suggest that the district will be providing Mac Labs for each school. As we are in the unique position of being a Charter School, funding for the computer lab would, as of this moment, not be provided for our school.  

With the help of Mrs. Kerns an active discussion was held regarding the allocation of those funds, the technology needs of the school and the desire for transparency and efficient communication as we all strive to give our school and our students the necessary tools to succeed. 

Due to the recent changing and unknowns, the spending of funds in the technology budget will be put on hold until more information can be attained, reviewed and made available to the association. 

Under announcements: there are a few year books still available, please see the office. Each 5th grader was given a year book compliments of the PTA. The Reflections Art program theme for 2012-2013 is The Magic of a Moment. Students may begin working on their submissions this summer! 
Emerson PTA won several awards at the Annual Long Beach Council In and Out Breakfast (no, not animal style burgers and chocolate shakes... for the incoming and outgoing boards) Thanks to the hard work of our many volunteers. Let's keep this train going!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30

Side Note: This has been a wonderful and amazing year at Emerson. I've enjoyed hosting this blog and hope you don't mind my tendency to ramble a bit. I try to give you as accurate an account as I can but I too make mistakes... I also got pretty caught up with work/school/life, you all know, and dropped the ball on some posts. Many apologies. That being said, I like to keep the blog as sort of a journal for the Emerson PTA. At the end of the each year, I plan to print it and store it. If you EVER would like to contribute, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love your help. We try to remain very neutral and drop a little something to draw a chuckle so that readers don't feel like their eyeballs are going to pop out of their head by the time they FINALLY get here to the bottom... Are you still reading? Really? I'm impressed, and blushing just a teeny bit.
Thank you for a great year. Have a great summer!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Association Meeting 04/17/12

In case you were filing those last minute taxes and thus could not make it to the PTA meeting tonight... We missed your company, file earlier next time and... Here ya go:

Emerson Students let the association in the Pledge of Allegiance.
We viewed a short (but still awesome) slideshow.

Recording Secretary, Mrs. Michelle Arslan, presented last month's association meeting minutes to be reviewed by a committee of three and submitted for approval. She also presented to the association a board recommendation to increase the Cheesecake/Cookie Dough budget by $7557.50. We sold more cheesecake that we originally budgeted for! It was approved by the association without discussion, nays or abstentions.

President, Mrs. Paula Nathan, updated that Fitness Day raised approximately $13,000 in donations. Thank you for your generosity and support. Prizes have been ordered and will be distributed mid May.
The Limo ride prize (for the Cheesecake/Cookie Dough Fundraiser) will also be taking place mid May.

Spring Book Fair profited $2975.00. Thank you again for your support and a special shout out to Auditor and Book Fair Chair, Mrs. Michelle Worden and all the wonderful volunteers who continue to make this possible for our children.

The Emerson Wild West Carnival will be held on June 2nd. Pre-paid tri-tip, bbq chicken and potato dinner plates will be available. This year we will also be hosting a Crafter's Corner. 10'x10' booths are available for $40.

Mrs. Nathan also had the opportunity to attend the Sacramento Safari, an event for the 33rd district held in the State Capital. The 33rd district is comprised of PTA's from southern California, the majority of Los Angeles county with the exception of LAUSD. 69 people were in attendance with about half being high school students learning about advocacy. She prepared a powerpoint presentation to share her experience. Boldly decorating the wall of a meeting room was the quote:  "Participation in the rights of citizenship presumes participation in the duties of citizenship".

PTA supported legislation can be viewed in depth HERE on

Here are the realities of California Education:
- 47th in per student spending
- 50th in class size
- In 3 years we've seen over $20 BILLION cut from education
- Over $9 BILLION in deferred payments owed to schools
- Over 40,000 educators cut
- $2500 less per student spending than the national average
- Only 2% of lottery money goes to schools in a one time lump sum
- Schools are told to plan for worst case scenario
- Schools forced to run with fiscal uncertainty.

Here are the Governor's proposed changes:
- Proposes reshuffling of how money is distributed to schools. 2/3 Unrestricted, 1/3 specific programs.
- Proposed ELIMINATION of second science course requirement for graduation, yet Universities REQUIRE it for admission.
- Proposes to eliminate Due Process before a student is expelled
- Proposed elimination of transitional kindergarten
- Governor proposing a constitutional change to prop 98 to pay for debt services. (I would link this for you but couldn't find anything objective. Please consider doing the research)
- If some legislation does not pass, it will trigger additional cuts of approximately $368 per student.
- Additional cuts could trigger a school year that is THREE weeks shorter, the SHORTEST school year in the WORLD.

California PTA endorses Our Children, Our Future

Executive Vice President, Mrs. Peggy Walker said we will be hosting the E-Waste Recycling Event at Emerson on Saturday, April 21 from 9am-2pm. Volunteers are welcome.

Treasurer's report and Financial Secretary's report were presented by Treasurer, Mrs. Cynthia Antonette. The difference between the beginning balance and ending balance was significant due to the check written to fulfill the commitment of providing ELMOS for every classroom. They have been ordered!
It was moved, seconded and passed to ratify checks 3143-3164. There were 6 deposits made last month.

Vice Presidents Teacher Liaison, Mrs. Nicole Halvorson, presented information regarding our school's winner of the Council PTA District Teacher's Contest. Congratulations are extended to Mrs. Sees! She and her nominating letter will move to the district level where the winner receives a grant for his or her classroom.

Information regarding the Honorary Service awards will come out tomorrow. Nominations will be accepted until April 27th. Teachers, Parents, Staff, anyone who is helping the school can be nominated. Please encourage your student to take the time to nominate someone. More details will be available in tomorrow's packet.

National Teacher Appreciation week is during the first week of May. That is the time that we will be testing so as a school, we will be celebrating our teachers during the week beginning May 14th.

Principal, Mrs. Maggie Kerns presented the State Of The School Address with an accompanying power point. Graphs featured English Language Arts Standards by grade level, Benchmark Book Assessments, Mathematics, Math Facts, and Writing Goals and achievements by trimester.
Campus Improvements include:
- Painted handball backstops
- Replaced kickball backstop
- New PTA storage container
- Repainting of trim and flagpole
- Removal of broken furniture
- Repairing of leaks in staff restrooms
- Replacing patched front windows
- Rewired computer lab
- New project to extend the Kinder Playground

We have received the 2012 Distinguished Schools Award, the LBUSD Growth Award and PTA Recognition for Innovative Projects with the Friday Book Cart Exchange.

Communications Representative, Omar Sekhri from the office of 5th District Councilwoman, Gerrie Schipske, shared several undertakings of the Councilwoman including:
Expansion of the successful fishing line recycling tubes to salt water areas.
Solar Grand Prix held on Sunday, 04/22
The Library Round Up
The 5th Annual Community Baby Shower

Special thanks to Mr. Sekhri for sharing community new with us.

A student asked why computers were still not working even after the lab has been rewired.
A service ticket has been requested to come look at/fix the computers that are not working still.

350 Yearbooks have been ordered and will soon be going on sale for $20. Order Early, we will sell out.

With that, we were adjourned.

Hope to see you next month :)