Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reflections Workshop Day 1

September 22, Day 1 of the PTA sponsored Reflections Workshop!
Presented by Art Innovators, Emerson students of all ages were invited to participate in a two day workshop exploring this years theme "Diversity Means..." and get hands on experience with new and old art techniques. The whole workshop is an effort to increase the amount of Emerson students submitting pieces in the Nationwide PTA Reflections Program. In the past we didn't supply as many entries because the program kicks off so early in the school year and the paperwork looks so intimidating. This year, our wonderful Co-Chairs, Mrs. Nicole Halvorson and Mrs. Rose Jackman have done a wonderful job getting the word out about the program and have organized these FREE Art Workshops! If your child didn't get a chance to participate in day one, don't fret! There's still another day to the workshop!

Day 2 will be Friday, September 23 in the Cafeteria from 3:05-4:00pm 

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